Please contact Kris @ (512)663-8306 for an appointment. 

Swedish Massage $60
Blend stretching, rocking, and massage techniques to provide deep, soothing relaxation. Ease your muscle tension and relieve mental stress to treat your mind, body, and spirit.

Pregnancy Massage $60
Swedish massage techniques are safe and perfect to soothe the aches and tension from muscles compensating for an ever-changing form during pregnancy. Pillows and bolster help support her to aid in relaxation and comfort. About Pregnancy Massage

Hot Shell Massage $90
All the benefits of massage with the addition of heat therapy treatment. Specially heated polished tiger clam shells provide warm soothing relief for your muscle pain and fatigue.
* Clients are draped at all times and care is taken to maintain modesty and dignity throughout the massage experience.

Chair Massage $15
Stiff neck? Headaches? Aching back? Stress? Make these go away with the perfect pick-me-up when you only have 15 minutes. Chair massage lets me focus on those high tension areas: head, neck, and shoulders to provide relief fast and have you on your way. About Chair Massage

Heated Chair Massage $25
Don’t have time for a full body hot shell massage? Try a hot shell chair massage. The heat will melt all of your stress and pain away, making you feel more relaxed in minutes.